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Developing your Function in the Body of Christ

Are you looking for a qualified Counselor who’s available to provide help tailored to your needs? We are  a team of qualified ChristianssCounselors offering personalized counseling plans to Christians in the Monterrey area. We have been guiding Christians of all ages and levels throughout the Monterrey area since 1980, We are a team that love counseling and are committed to helping Christians discover and reach their full God given potential.

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A Team of Christian Psychologists 

Looking for Christian Counseling?

Looking for Training as a Christian Counselor?

Sometimes all it takes to really understand why your difficulties is a considerate brother who knows how to counsel you in the Word and pray for you at your level of Christian maturity.

Having worked with many Christians throughout Mexico since 1980 we bring  depth of professional experience and Bible knowledge to those who are eager to renew their minds through the Spirit, and bring their talents, and skills  to serve the Body of Christ.

We offer quality, personalized service.  Contact us to see how we can be of service to you.

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Counseling and Biblical Management 

Promising Personalized Guidance Every Step of the Way


Your Fuction in the Body of Christ: as an Individual Christian

No one can work for God if he can not  identify and develop   his God given function in the Body. 

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Your Function in the Body of Christ: as a Member of a Famity

Personalized Attention

We specialize in Training Christians  and know how to get them to excel as members of their Family.  Through personalized attention, prayer, patience, a lot of practice, and hard work.

We make counseling  significant through Bible based activities.

 Counseling is a skill, but great Christian Counseling is more than a God given talent, it is a function that only a few can master through obedience, perseverance  and maturity. 

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Your Function in the Body of Christ as: a Member of the Work Place

Personalized Attention

 We help Christians to function as collaborative members of their workplace team. Christians should be light in their working environment and perform as to please God. 

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